Our international schools in Dalian


As an international education group that has been running schools in China since 2002, Nord Anglia Education now settled in Dalian in Northeast China.

Nord Anglia welcomes Dalian Huamei Bilingual School to join the family of bilingual schools in China, and is proud of the new members. At the same time, as another part of its international education, its sister school Dalian American International School will provide international education for foreign students.

Dalian American International School facilitates a challenging, collaborative, and responsive learning environment that develops student intellect, character, and health. At DAIS, every learner strives to achieve personal excellence and contributes to the global community.

Dalian American International School bridges the educational experiences of international and Chinese national students in an attractive, well-resourced and up-to-date educational facility. Building upon our rich local history, culture and beautiful natural environment, we inspire students to be leaders serving local and global communities.

Our Schools in Dalian
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6-18岁 ¥120,000 起